Interesting Cultural Sights

Abbey of Montserrat (Barcelona)

Montserrrat, a singular space by its unique natural setting, by its nature of religious centre and by the artistic manifestations which hosts.



Josep Pla Foundation (Palafrugell)

The Josep Pla Foundation is born the year 1973 When the own writer decides to donate his private library and create the Fundación Privada Josep Pla library directed by a Board of Trustees that would ensure its preservation and facilitate the access to the interested public.



Cork Museum (Palafrugell)

The Museum of Palafrugell Cork preserves, studies and disseminates monographic way the cultural and natural heritage related to the world of Cork



The Toy Museum (Figueras)

The Figueres Toy Museum you can enjoy watching near some 4.000 some toys of them belonging to celebrities, such as Salvador Dalí


Theatre Salvador Dalí (Figueras)

The Dalí, to 20 km, must be seen as a whole, that everything in it was designed by the artist in order to offer the visitor a true experience and immerse in their captivating and unique world.



Arqueological museums of Catalunya


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