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Pool area sanitary reform – Complete renovation 2019

2019/04/15 | Kim’s Camping Life, Sin categorizar | 0 comments

Reforma 2019 - Sanitary block for pool area - Kim's Camping
Reforma 2019 - Sanitary block for pool area - Kim's Camping

A necessary reform without a doubt. The area of the pool and its surroundings is the one that receives the most pressure in terms of intensity of use throughout the day.

The WC block #6 was one of the most important items on our reform and updating agenda.

Reforma 2019 - Sanitary block for pool area - Kim's Camping - Location on map

The picture in the header of this post corresponds to the final section of the renovation shortly before Easter 2019.

The premise was a complete update at all levels, after the success and very positive comments on the previous reform of block #5.

It is not just about aesthetic improvements, but the sustainability of the new facilities has also been taken into account.

As a company and family, Kim’s Camping is committed to the sustainable development of our environment. This includes reducing our carbon footprint and saving finite resources:

  • Savings in water consumption: all taps are self-closing push buttons, both inside (WC/Showers/sinks) and outside (sinks)
  • Lighting: all electrical elements are low consumption and have self-off timers.
  • Safety electrical outlets: improved safety in the 220V plugs available for users, with covers suitable even for outdoor installations, in addition to the mandatory review of the entire electrical circuit.
  • Non-slip floor: being an area near the pool and with showers, it was obvious that the usual working conditions of block 6 were with wet or damp soil. The cleaning of the block has been reinforced and the floor slabs help to make the passage safer even with very wet floors.
  • Boiler and domestic water: the boiler has been renovated to ensure a continuous flow of warm water with less electrical consumption, as well as the pipes for the conduction of drinking water and their returns.
  • Modern furniture and materials: waterproof separations, easily washable and highly resistant. The assembly favors a greater aeration of the entire set.
  • Children’s sink: although it is not a campsite exclusively for children, this is a campsite with a children’s pool and there are many families with children; We’ve added a children’s sink so they can be wash hands without adult help.
Reform of the sanitary block of the pool
Reform of the sanitary block of the pool - Washing - Sinks

This is the end result, in the picture you can see the exterior of sanitary block 6, the white ceramic tile finish (perfect in hygienic terms) and textured floors (minimizes the risk of slipping).

Consistently, we ask our guests and visitors for a responsible use of these and other facilities.
Once at home, do not abandon good habits towards greater sustainability.

We wish you a happy stay at Kim’s Camping!

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